Photographer Marc Hom

About Marc Hom

The Danish photographer Marc Hom is one of the world’s most famous fashion photographers. Marc was born and raised in Denmark, but moved to New York at the age of 21 years, where he still lives.
Marc has been working as a professional photographer the last 25 years and has photographed many well-known personalities, created campaigns for fashion houses and collaborated with leading international fashion magazines.

“There is a certain kind of beauty that shines from within when a woman is truly happy and self-assured. Every woman; no matter their age, shape, or size, deserves a chance to feel comfortable and sensual.

Triumph is the perfect brand to compliment this spirit, as it’s sensual without being overtly sexual.  It was this point of view, married with the chance to combine fashion and portrait photography into artful imagery that drew me to this project.

It was truly a powerful experience to capture inner beauty from all of these real women from different professions and different ages.  It’s one to have never have been photographed, but it’s another to do so in your underwear.

A sincere thanks to everyone involved”

- Marc Høm